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EcoFriendlyKids is all about kids and their environment. Containing a wealth of information, tips, quizzes and fun games for children, this site is ideal for parents who want to share in their kids' adventures as they start to explore the natural world, and to guide them towards a more in-depth understanding of ecological issues as they grow older.
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Activities: Getting the Most Out of Woodland Walks, Planting Your Own Mini...
At Home
At Home: Easy Wildlife Homes to Make in an Afternoon., Great Eco-Friendly...
Food: Fun Ways For Kids to Learn Where Their Food Comes From, What Are Food...
Green Tips
Green Tips: A Kids' Guide to Composting, Help Your Children Become More Self...
Printable Puzzles
Printable Puzzles: Recycle Your Rubbish Puzzle, Arctic Jigsaw Puzzle, Benny the Beaver...
Products & Lifestyle
Products & Lifestyle: Re-Usable Nappies, How to Make Gentle Bath Oil, Choosing Ethical...
Quick Quizzes
Quick Quizzes: What Do You Know About Garden Wildlife?, How Much Do You Know About...
Recycling: What Products can be Recycled?, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Products Made...
School: Setting up an Organic Garden at School, The Walking Bus Scheme, The...
Teach Kids About...
Teach Kids About...: Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources, Natural...
Travelling: Glamping: Eco-friendly Camping With a Difference, Smart Ways to Make...
Latest Comments
  • sarahsquarea
    Re: Animal Rights
    I think that it is bad to treat animals in a cruel way it is not a very nice thing to do to animals at all.
    19 November 2014
  • EcoFriendlyKids
    Re: A Kids' Guide to Composting
    @melly. Thanks for those points, we will make some improvements to this feature as a result.
    19 November 2014
  • Barbs
    Re: A Kids' Guide to Composting
    Cool. I liked this a lot! It really helped me!
    18 November 2014
  • Melly
    Re: A Kids' Guide to Composting
    This did help me but only a little bit. I wonder if you could put how each type of compost break down to make soil. But I would…
    18 November 2014
  • EcoFriendlyKids
    Re: Litter and Waste
    @jademarie. Thanks for taking the time to comment :-))
    24 October 2014
  • jadamarie
    Re: Litter and Waste
    great it helped me with my assignment for school
    23 October 2014
  • Lukman Fitrianto
    Re: Energy and Recycling Quiz
    very interesting, WOW
    28 September 2014
  • EcoFriendlyKids
    Re: Litter and Waste
    @Princess hog. Good for you for doing something proactive!
    16 September 2014
  • princesshog
    Re: Litter and Waste
    I rescue hedgehogs and go out to schools and groups giving talks on hedgehogs and the environment, the problems caused by our litter and garden…
    14 September 2014
  • chloe
    Re: Natural Resources of the Earth
    hi guy I love web site because it good for people
    9 September 2014
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